Protection Bars, Steps and Ladder Racks

levating Utility and Style with Truck Side Steps and Ladder Racks for Utes in NZ

Acker Bilt is at the forefront of enhancing utility and functionality for vehicles in New Zealand, particularly with our range of truck side steps, designed for ease of access and safety. We understand that for many, their ute is not just a vehicle but a crucial part of their workday. That's why we offer robust ladder racks for utes, perfect for professionals who need to transport equipment securely and efficiently. Additionally, our ute side steps are not just about functionality; they also add an aesthetic appeal to your vehicle, making them a popular choice among ute owners.

Protection Bar Manufacturer in Auckland

We fabricate and install steel and aluminium rear bull bars, ladder rack, steps etc for most commercial vehicles. We can design a rear bull bar to best suit the vehicle and the customer's requirements and most of the time can work around vehicle reverse sensors. 

We also supply and install the Ali Arc range of rear bull bars.

Ladder Racks/H Frames/Cab Guards

We fabricate and install steel and aluminium racks for carrying loads on utes and trucks. We also supply and install the Ali Arc range of aluminium racks for your ute.

How to best fit out your vehicle


Front - Ali Arc Nudge and Rack system

Cab - Yakima Roof Racks

Canopy - Yakima Roof racks on your canopy

Wellside/Deck Front - Cab Guard/Middle rack on the deck or at the front of the wellside

Wellside/Deck Rear - Removable Rear rack into deck or wellside sockets.

Rear -  Cowhorns off side of towbar, Rear bullbar with rack, or hitch mount rack


Front - Custom make a Nudge bar or bull bar with sockets and rack in steel or aluminium

Cab: Custom made roof racks to fit factory mount points

Headboard: Add an extension

Rear - Heavy Duty removable racks where required.