Bike Racks & Roof Rack Accessories

Your Go-To for Top-notch Bike Racks in NZ

Acker Bilt stands as a leader in providing exceptional bike transportation solutions in New Zealand. Our range includes the renowned Yakima bike rack, known for its robust design and ease of use, making it a favourite among biking enthusiasts. For those with electric bikes, we offer the E bike rack NZ uses for its sturdiness, it caters to the unique requirements of heavier models, ensuring secure and effortless transport. Additionally, we distribute the towbar bike rack NZ loves because of its versatility and design. 

It offers versatile options for cyclists who prefer the convenience of rear-mounted racks. For those who favour roof-mounted solutions, the bike roof rack NZ chooses for its robust nature, is distributed by us at Acker Bilt. Our range combines security with accessibility, making it easier than ever to hit the trails or roads with your bike in tow.

Bike Racks

Acker Bilt is a supplier of the Yakima NZ Bike Rack range. If you are after a bike rack for your bikes or e-bikes contact us or come in and see us to discuss your car bike rack needs. We have a selection of bike racks in our showroom for viewing or you can check them all out at

Bike Racks for your Camper van

Acker Bilt NZ are specialists at supplying bike racks to suit your towbar requirements or building towbars that meet your bike rack requirements. So if your after a bike rack to go on your camper then contact us to discuss your requirements. We even have car bike racks to suit your e-bike.

Roof Boxes and Roof Rack Accessories

We supply the Yakima/Pro bike Rack range of Roof Boxes and Roof Rack parts and Accessories. So if you are after a solution to carry your excess luggage or you need some accessories for taking your camping equipment or trade equipment on your roof then contact us to discuss.