Heavy Vehicle Fab

Unrivalled Ute Accessories in NZ - Durable and Versatile Trailers for Efficient Cargo Transport

At Acker Bilt, our commitment to quality and performance is evident in our range of Ute accessories NZ loves for their durability and versatility. We understand the unique requirements of Ute owners and offer an array of products to enhance their vehicles' functionality and style. Our rails and ties trailer options are designed for those who demand durability and efficiency in transporting goods. The strength and versatility of these trailers make them a popular choice among our customers. A robust and reliable solution for heavier loads, ensuring safety and ease of transport.

Acker Bilt: Expert Heavy Vehicle Fabrication and Certified Welding Services

At Acker Bilt, we take pride in our team of certified welders, dedicated to providing top quality heavy vehicle fabrication work that meets the stringent engineering requirements of the NZTA. We collaborate closely with our  engineering certification supplier, ensuring all projects are completed with an LT400 Certification, meeting the certificate of fitness (COF) standards for your vehicle. Our expert heavy vehicle engineers in NZ work tirelessly to deliver exceptional results, making sure every project adheres to the highest standards.

Our range of heavy vehicle fabrication services include:

  • Custom heavy vehicle truck towbars 
  • Heavy and light vehicle camper van truck towbars 
  • Load-carrying side hooks for secure cargo transportation 
  • Load-carrying tie rails for versatile cargo management
  • Load-carrying deck tiger hooks for heavy-duty applications 

We also offer specialised Truck body fabrication to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our Truck body fabrication services ensure your truck is equipped to handle any load, providing durability and reliability.

In addition to heavy vehicle fabrication, our heavy vehicle engineers auckland wide provide comprehensive solutions for all your heavy-duty vehicle needs. We also cover installation and fabrication services for truck towbars.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and experience the Acker Bilt difference. Our team of heavy vehicle engineers NZ is ready to assist you with all your fabrication needs, from Truck towbars to tie rails and side hooks.