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Here at Acker Bilt. we are a dependable provider of car parts in Auckland. Since we opened our doors in 1974, we have offered external auto parts & accessories Auckland wide that are unmatched in quality & durability. From humble beginnings building aluminium, steel bull bars and tow bars, we have added a number of other auto parts to our diverse product offering, tailoring our range of auto parts to cover the unique requirements of your 4-wheel drive vehicle. Browse below for our complete range of car parts for sale in & around Auckland.

Our Experience

Operating in Auckland since 1974, we have been a reliable manufacturer & supplier of quality protection bars in Auckland. In recent years, the needs of the auto market have changed, and the demand for a more diverse range of equipment has increased. As a business committed to catering to these needs and demands, we have adapted to these market changes by expanding our range of products and auto parts we manufacture.
From bull bars to tow bars, we have added a number of other auto parts to our collection, all manufactured to the same high level of quality people have come to expect from us.

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Our core products

Bull Bars & Nudge Bars

We supply and install Aluminium Nudge bars and Bull Bars for Utes, vans and SUV's from our suppliers Ali Arc and ECB. All these nudge bars are air bag compliant and meet all NZTA safety standards. If your vehicle is older than 2003 and doesn't have airbags then we can Custom Fabricate Aluminium and Steel Nudge bars in our factory for your vehicle.

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Roof Racks

Roof racks are a practical solution for your vehicle for transporting excess goods without the need for towing a trailer. If affixed to the top of your vehicle, they can be used to transport a variety of goods.

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Tow Bar & Wiring

Acker Bilt offer a range of quality heavy-duty towbars Auckland wide. If you are looking for a reliable, well manufactured towbar then we are your reliable supplier. We can also sort the trailer plug wiring as well.

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Bike Racks & Roof Rack Accessories

Bike Racks, Roof Boxes, Kayak cradles, ski holders, tradesman load carrying accessories etc.

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Protection Bars, Steps and Ladder Racks

We fabricate and install steel and aluminium vehicle rear and side protection bars for most commercial vehicles. We design our bars to best suit the vehicle and the customer requirements and most of the time can work around vehicle reverse sensors. We also supply and install the Ali Arc range of protection bars and racking systems.

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Heavy Vehicle Fab

Heavy Vehicle Truck Towbars Heavy and Light Vehicle Camper Van Towbars Load carrying Hooks Load carrying Tie Rails

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Explore Our Guides

Fundamentals of Auto Accessories

Explore the essentials and custom options for enhancing vehicle functionality, safety, and aesthetics. It covers practical additions like roof racks, tow bars, and bike racks, as well as custom accessories for style and performance. The chapter highlights the importance of quality and compatibility, emphasising how customisation allows vehicle owners to personalise their vehicles and improve the driving experience.


Comprehensive Guide to Vehicle Frontal Protection

Covers essential accessories like bull bars and nudge bars to enhance safety and style. It explains the benefits of these accessories in protecting your vehicle from impacts during off-road and urban driving. The guide details material options, installation tips, and the importance of choosing the right accessory for optimal protection and stylish appeal.


Range of Auto Accessories

Explores various options to enhance your vehicle's functionality, safety, and aesthetics. It covers practical additions like roof racks, tow bars, and bike racks, as well as custom accessories such as bull bars. The guide highlights the importance of quality and compatibility, showing how the right accessories can personalise your car and improve your driving experience.


Maximising Vehicle Functionality and Style

Discusses how to enhance your vehicle with practical and aesthetic accessories. It covers essentials like tow bars, roof racks, and bike racks for increased utility, alongside custom options like bull bars for added style. The guide emphasises the importance of quality and compatibility, demonstrating how thoughtful upgrades can personalise your vehicle and elevate your driving experience.


Selecting the Right Accessories for Your Needs

Provides a guide to choosing the best auto accessories to enhance your vehicle's functionality, safety, and style. It covers practical additions like tow bars and roof racks, as well as custom options such as bull bars. The guide emphasises the importance of quality, compatibility, and considering your specific needs to ensure the best fit for your vehicle and lifestyle.


Expert Tips on Installation and Maintenance

Offers valuable advice on selecting and caring for auto accessories. It covers choosing high-quality, compatible items and provides maintenance tips to ensure longevity and optimal performance. The guide emphasises regular inspections and professional installations to keep your vehicle safe, functional, and stylish.


Other Products

Roof Racks and Accessories

Supply or fitted

  • Yakima: Domestic, Commercial
  • Yakima: LocknLoad Platforms
  • Prorack: Domestic, Commercial
  • Yakima & Prorack Accessories

Trailer Plug Wiring

  • Round Plug
  • Rectangular Plug
  • Conversion Plugs
  • Electric braking systems

External Racking System

Aluminium or steel ladder racks custom made:

  • Bullbars
  • Vehicle body
  • Utes / truck trays

Protection bars/ Bullbars

  • Commercial vehicles
  • 4x4/ SUV's
  • Trucks

Running Boards

  • Utes (single, extra & double cab)
  • Aluminium or steel custom runners

Towing Accessories

  • Hitch, Ball & Pin
  • Duo Balls
  • Convert-a-balls
  • 1 7/8" or 50mm balls
  • Hi Rise Towballs
  • Towball caps

Headboards/Cab Guards

  • Utes
  • Trucks

Aluminium or Steel

  • Nudge bars
  • Bull bars
  • Bumper replacements
  • Side bars
  • Side bars with steps
  • Rear protection

Cargo Barriers

  • Vans

Other Products

Ali Arc Industries

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ECB East Coast Bullbars

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